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Troubleshooting Checklist for Online Instructors

Authors: Matthew Robinson and DeAnna Soth

Troubleshooting skills are critical for online instructors. Although ASU has 24/7 Help Desk support, being able to troubleshoot common LMS issues will save you and your students time and frustration. When asking for technical support, it’s helpful to be prepared to answer, “what have you tried so far?

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Best Practices for Large-Enrollment Online Courses, Part I: Managing student expectations, leveraging quizzes, and reducing grading load

Whenever student enrollment capacity dramatically increases for an instructor, there are a number of common questions and concerns: How will the increased grading load be managed?  How can instructors facilitate a discussion among 100+ students? How will students receive meaningful feedback? Here are some best practices and considerations for managing high-enrollment courses that have been successful in our ASU Online courses. Continue reading

Integrating Technology with Bloom’s Taxonomy

Creating authentic learning experiences for students is an essential element in online course delivery.  Through recent discussion instructors have inquired “How do we provide meaningful learning experiences for students using tools that are intrinsically motivating?” 2  Questions as such imply the need to provide instructors with “. . . innovative ways of integrating technology that encourage higher-order thinking skills.” 2 

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