Series webinars


Ask an ASU Online expert

This series has identified topics such as digital communication or academic integrity in the online space. The webinars are designed to address common questions and are facilitated live by the ASU Online Instructional Design team.


Course content

These webinars will provide course content and media creation strategies to promote learning in online courses. Information will also address some of the technical creation including media production tools and processes.


Accessibility and usability

Topics cover approaches on designing media to ensure accessibility for all learners and also promoting usability in conjunction with Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles.

March 2020

3/11 – Ideation session: Thinking about transitioning labs to the online learning space

3/25 – Nine ways for instructors to address online student retention

3/26 – Using Google tools in your online classroom

3/27 – Using screen capture software to effectively create videos

3/31 – Ask an ASU Online expert: Asynchronous learning vs synchronous learning – pros and cons

April 2020

4/2 – Ask an ASU Online Expert: Communicating Strategies (email; alternatives to emails)

4/7 – Ask an ASU Online expert: Creating Instructor Presence

4/8 – Ask an ASU Online expert: Assessments (exams, assignments, projects, papers)

4/9 – Ask an ASU Online expert: Managing and Facilitating Discussions

4/14 – Ask an ASU Online expert: Active Learning Online

4/15 – Using screen capture software to effectively create videos

4/16 – Dynamic online course design

4/17 – Introduction to the Creative Commons licenses and finding open education content

4/17 – Ask an ASU Online expert: Academic Integrity

4/21 – High-enrollment course strategies: Design considerations

4/22 – ASU Online Faculty showcase for excellence in online teaching

May 2020

5/7 – Tools: Perusall for active and collaborative learning

5/13 – Active learning for the online classroom

5/15 – Strategies for finding, using (legally), and citing images for your online courses

June 2020

6/10 – Accessibility: Creating Accessible Presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides

6/17 – High-Enrollment Course Strategies: Effective Assignments

6/26 – Strategies for Successfully Building Group Projects into Online Classes

July 2020

7/16 – Accessibility: Accessible Google Slides Presentations: Tips and Techniques

7/21 – Reflection and Metacognition as a Teaching Strategy

7/22 – Designing Effective Learning Materials for the Online Classroom

7/23 – Universal Design and Ally: Pedagogical Strategies