About Our Tools

Leveraging OpenAI’s API platform, ASU Online has developed a collection of resources tailored for educators. These tools are crafted to streamline the creation of course materials, eliminating the necessity for in-depth expertise in prompt crafting or programming.

It’s important to remember that even with high-quality inputs, language models like OpenAI’s can sometimes produce inaccurate or unexpected results, commonly referred to as “hallucinations.” Therefore, we recommend thoroughly reviewing any generated content before incorporating it into your coursework, ensuring it aligns with the desired academic standards and objectives.

For any feedback or inquiries, please feel free to utilize the provided form:  ASU Online AI Tools User Feedback. We value your input and are here to assist with any questions you may have.

Tool Suite

Button that says generate question

Question Generator

Provide learning objectives or a question stem to generate questions for a quiz/knowledge check or question pool.

Digital interface of an educational tool designed to process video transcripts and captions


Provide a link to your Wistia video or upload a transcript to generate a video summary, questions, study guide, and chapters.

Interface of a digital tool designed for generating alt text for images

Image Accessibility

Provide an image(s) to generate a description and alt-text to associate with your image(s).

AI generated image of a checkbox/rubric

Rubric Generator

Provide rubric requirements and assignment details to generate a rubric.

A laptop with an educational graphic on its screen is on a desk, surrounded by notebooks and pencils, in a classroom environment.

Learning Objective Creator

Provide course details to generate course or module level learning objectives.

Interface of a digital tool for converting text to speech from video transcripts

Script Voiceover

Provide a script to generate a high quality voiceover to use in a video or standalone audio reading.