Supporting Online Learners

The transition for students to digital and online based learning can introduce a variety of new approaches to learning. Certainly in regards to structure in attended classes and then also with the asynchronous opportunities that online learning provides. It’s important to recognize the differences in teaching online students, given that their needs may differ from traditional campus-based students. Continue reading

Using Weekly Videos in Your Online Course

Dr. Liza Hita, Lecturer in the School of Social and Family Dynamics, is one of the biggest producers and proponents of using videos to overcome challenges in her online courses. The above video showcases how she creates and uses videos to accomplish goals such as reducing email and increasing student engagement.


Using Copyrighted Video, Audio and Images In Courses

Did you know that ASU Online ascribes to the specifications of the TEACH Act in its use of audio, video, and images in course content delivery?

The Technology, Education, and Copyright Harmonization (TEACH) Act is a provision of US Copyright law that regulates the use of copyrighted materials in distance education courses. It should not be confused with Fair Use which is another and separate provision of US Copyright law.

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