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Foundations for excellence in teaching online
In this self-paced experience, you’ll learn about topics that are recognized to be effective in online teaching, yet they really can be applied in any modality.

So if you’re teaching remotely, in a hybrid format, or in a traditional classroom, our goal is that you’ll learn something that you can apply immediately. Even though this is an on-demand and self-paced resource, we encourage you to join the community forums created specifically for this experience. You will have an opportunity to contribute by sharing your own ideas and experiences around provided prompts. It’s a great way to connect to a broader teaching and learning community and to the knowledge and experiences that reside with your fellow participants.

Whether you’re new to teaching online or are looking for new teaching strategies to implement in your online class, our goal is that you find value in this carefully constructed experience we’ve designed. The information and resources in this experience have been created and curated over the last decade by the ASU EdPlus instructional design group with a focus on effective practices in online and digital education. This experience is adapted from our flagship workshop for ASU Online faculty, called “Master Class for Teaching Online”. Over the years, thousands of ASU faculty have graduated from that 2-week cohorted workshop and given positive reviews in introducing them to valuable strategies, tools, and resources.

Learning Objectives
At the completion of this learning experience, participants will be able to:

  • Contribute to a learning community
  • Demonstrate proficient Canvas navigation from the student perspective
  • Describe key components of online student success
  • Apply question design principles to facilitate effective and engaging class discussions
  • Explain the value of implementing the Quality Matters Rubric in course design
  • Review instructional alignment using Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Analyze various pedagogical approaches for delivering course content online
  • Describe design and delivery techniques of effective lectures
  • Prepare content for optimizing instructor presence in an online course
  • Create a plan for implementing course resources in an online course

Next Steps:

You can sign up and join the “Foundations for Excellence in Teaching Online” at the Arizona State University Continuing and Professional Education website. There is no cost for the learning experience that is open to faculty at all levels and experience with online teaching and learning.

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Practical Instructional Design – Professional development
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This course is an introduction to practical instructional design, which means simply, a practical application of instructional design in the workplace. Many instructional designers find themselves in the ID role quite by accident, without any formal training. This course is designed to help give the “accidental instructional designer” some information and guidance for how to design and implement instructional materials.