The transition for students to digital and online based learning can introduce a variety of new approaches to learning. Certainly in regards to structure in attended classes and then also with the asynchronous opportunities that online learning provides. It’s important to recognize the differences in teaching online students, given that their needs may differ from traditional campus-based students.

For example, without time scheduled class structures online learners note that the most important skill they need to apply is time management to allot time and balance the time needs for academic, work/professional, and personal/family time.

This video (3:47) will provide a brief overview to supporting online learners.


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Next steps:

  • Apply the elements of universal design for learning in your course to support online learners.
  • Add the support resources above to your course in the introductory or student support section.

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Power skills for now and the future – This resource provides topic based modules for any learner to apply in their academic studies. Topics include: Introduction to time management, how to study effectively, setting SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely) goals, academic integrity, evaluating online sources, effective workplace communication, introduction to professional networking and more. This resource is currently only available to ASU students.