We recognize that being in front of the camera can be intimidating, so we’ve compiled some helpful tips from the pros to help you feel more comfortable and prepared. We searched through many articles about how to be awesome on camera and spoke to some in-house “experts,” including our New Media department at ASU Online. The result: 7 tips for on-camera success.

Getting ready for your close-up:

  1. Bring a colleague; someone you trust to fix your hair, check your clothes and provide encouragement.
  2. Remember, you are the expert! Your expertise may help you carry yourself in a confident manner, even if you aren’t an expert in video production.
  3. Students don’t really care if you make a minor error and fix it on camera. Imperfections in your presentation build character and connection. So what if you flub? Your students will know you are human and relatable.
  4. Mix it up! Match the appropriate level of the production values of your videos with different types of content and messages. Formal lecture content can be captured in a studio, like the New Media Studios used for ASU Online. Informal announcements can be recorded at home or in an office using a laptop, phone or tablet.
  5. You’ll get better with practice. If your first videos aren’t as polished as you’d like, you can always re-record them once you’ve had more practice.
  6. It’s not about your performance. It’s about your expertise. Students care more about your subject matter knowledge than they do about your mannerisms. When you’re new to being on camera, don’t worry so much about fidgeting. (see tip #5).
  7. Wear something that makes you feel good. You will exude confidence wearing whatever makes you feel good. (Note: Avoid white, green, bright red, and tight patterns when recording in the ASU Online New Media studios.)

Give it a whirl! Make an appointment to come play in our New Media studios at the Tempe campus and/or SkySong. Or, go ahead and use your webcam or camera phone to make some videos. There are so many reasons video should be added to online courses, but we understand that negative feelings about creating video could be holding you back. The best way to move past your anxiety is to jump right in and get feedback. We are always available at ASU Online to provide feedback or camaraderie in your path to creating engaging online course content.

Do you have any important tips to share with our readers? Please share in the comments!

Renee Bass contributed to this article.


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