Best Practices for Large-Enrollment Online Courses, Part I: Managing student expectations, leveraging quizzes, and reducing grading load

Whenever student enrollment capacity dramatically increases for an instructor, there are a number of common questions and concerns: How will the increased grading load be managed?  How can instructors facilitate a discussion among 100+ students? How will students receive meaningful feedback? Here are some best practices and considerations for managing high-enrollment courses that have been successful in our ASU Online courses. Continue reading

Using Research to Bring Interactive Learning Strategies into General Education Mega-Courses

Fabulous article on University of Arizona’s Ed Prather’s experiences with his large lecture Astronomy class for non-majors. Focus is student centered/student interaction AND student ambassadors. “With this work we see the progression of participants in the Ambassador Program from high-achieving non-science majors taking a GE course, to peer-teaching assistants within the course, to astronomy education researchers evaluating the success of the course.”

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