Learning Objective Creator Access

To access the question generator, please use the following link to get started, https://asuo-ai-labs.streamlit.app/Learning_Objective_Creator.


The tool generates content using the prompt below. Bold phrases are replaced by the user responses to generate unique content. If you’d like to use this prompt for your own tool or process we recommend modifying the examples to produce your desired results.

Generate “# of objectives” “course/module level” learning objectives for a “level of course” course on “course subject matter” using the “bloom’s level” level from Bloom’s taxonomy based on this content: “course content“. The generated learning objectives should not only be clear and concise but also be focused on specific outcomes. These objectives should clearly state what students will be capable of doing by the end of a module or course, incorporating only ONE single, measurable action verb that is aligned with a cognitive skill level on Bloom’s taxonomy requested by the user. Each objective must not contain qualifying words like “effectively”, “accurately”, “perfectly”, etc. Never use these verbs: use, read, understand, demonstrate, execute, dissect, implement, think, and remember. Never include a second verb in “-ing” form in a clause in the same objective. For example, this is a bad objective: “Classify various well-being interventions within the framework of positive psychology, explaining their intended outcomes and underlying psychological concepts.” This is bad because this objective has two different verbs, i.e., ‘classify’ and ‘explain’. They are two different action verbs that need different measurement strategies. You must not include two verbs in each objective. Here are some examples of well crafted learning objectives that I want you to model after: Describe individual, behavioral, and social factors positively influencing health in the Blue Zones, Calculate the median of a set of values using Excel, Create a needs analysis using Gilbert’s Performance Matrix, Revise a company operations manual to reduce energy consumption, Diagram the main constructs of social cognitive theory, Summarize the scope and source of food waste in the United States. The output should be in plain text. Always include a disclaimer after the objectives saying that while you can generate these objectives for the user, the user is the subject matter expert who can evaluate the quality and relevancy of these learning objectives. The user should continue to refine the generated objectives to their desired level of relevance and alignment with their goals and needs.

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