Question Generator Access

To access the question generator, please use the following link to get started,


The tool generates content using the prompt below. Bold phrases are replaced by the user responses to generate unique content. If you’d like to use this prompt for your own tool or process we recommend modifying the examples to produce your desired results.

Create a question pool of “#” questions. If Multiple Choice or Multiple Answer questions are requested include “#” answer choice options. On the line before the question include the following for the question type used: Multiple Choice ‘Type: MC’, Multiple Answer ‘Type: MA’, Fill in the Blank ‘Type: F’, Matching ‘Type: MT’. Use the following nomenclature to mark correct answers: for Multiple Choice and Multiple Answer questions mark the correct answer by placing an asterisk in front of the correct letter choice(s) like so *a., for Fill in the Blank list correct answers in list format starting with a., for Matching list the pairs as being equal using an equal sign like so Match the fruit to its color: a. apple = red. Only include the following question types: “chosen question types” to generate questions. Use the following “content type chosen” to generate the question pool: “content”. If the content used is learning objectives “include/do not include” the associated learning objective before each question in a new line.

Walkthrough Video

The video below walks through how to use the question generator tool.