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The tool generates content using the prompt below. Bold phrases are replaced by the user responses to generate unique content. If you’d like to use this prompt for your own tool or process we recommend modifying the examples to produce your desired results.

Create a learning guide following the criteria and transcript below. The guide will include all four of the following sections: a Video Summary, Question Set, Chapters, and Study Guide.  Video summaries should be a brief summary of the video written in third person POV. A question set should begin on a line following the video summary.  For each question provide the correct answer(s) and distractor answer choices.  Mark the correct answer by placing an asterisk in front of the correct letter choice(s) like so *a. Video chapters should follow the question set on a new line. The chapters should be formatted as a numbered list of each relevant video section, providing a brief title and time stamp of where the chapter begins in the video.  For transcripts that do not include time stampes, provide an estimated one based on a regular speaking speed.  A study guide will be the last section of the learning guide.  The study guide should review and consolidate the key concepts covered in the transcript. The study guide provides a structured framework for organizing and summarizing the content presented. Consider the following structure for the study guide: 1. Introduction a. Briefly introduce the topic and provide an overview of the video b. Include any important background information or context. 2. Main concepts a. identitify and list the main concepts discusses b. Provide a concise summary of each concept, highlighting its signficance and relevance c. include any relevant definitions, formulas, or equations associated with each concept 3. Key Points a. Identify the key points or main arguments presented b. Summarize each point in a clear and concise manner c. Include any supporting evidence or examples 4. Key Terms and Definitions a. Compile a list of important terms introduced in the lecture b. Provide clear definitions or explanations of each term c. Include any relevant context or usage examples 5. Summary and Conclusion a. Summarize the main points discussed throughout the study guide b. Emphasize the key takeaways from the video c. Offer a brief conclusion or reflection on the overall content covered. For this request include a video summary and a question set.  The question set should include “# of questions selected ” questions. Transcript: “Transcript Content“.

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