Welcome to our Teach Online Community!

We have created this space to engage in dialogue, share resources, show support and encourage collegiality around teaching online. We hope that this will be a thriving community where all voices are heard and valued equally and where a supportive atmosphere drives the conversation. We also hope that it will be a place where you can return to over and over to find valuable insights (and share back your own) to support online teaching and learning.

We do have an ask as you engage with the community to encourage it to thrive:

If you take something, please also leave something.

In other words, please contribute to the experience. This can look like leaving an upvote for the post that provided a great new tip for communicating with students. Or it can be commenting on a post to let the person know you found their contribution valuable and how you applied it in your own practice. Or perhaps it’s answering a question that another member has contributed because you have experience with that topic while someone else answered one of your questions.

Here is a brief overview on how to use the InScribe:

How do I participate?

Participating is easy. Simply –

1.  Learn from the conversations

The community exists to leverage the experience that exists among instructors and facilitate the sharing of ideas.

2.  Ask questions and share your ideas

Whether you are struggling or just curious, the community is the place to start the conversation. When you ask questions and share in the community, everyone benefits from your post and the responses you get.

3.  Answer questions and respond 

It feels good to help others, but that’s not the only reason to do it. Some questions are best answered by a peer who is (or has been) in a similar situation.

4.  Provide feedback

Did someone ask a good question? Upvote the question so everyone knows that a topic deserves more discussion.

Did an answer help you? Upvote the answer so everyone knows the answer is helpful.

Did a resource help? Up vote the resource so others know where to find useful information.