What is Yellowdig?

Yellowdig is a social learning platform designed for higher education that integrates with any LMS. Many instructors use it instead of LMS discussion forums. 

The best part is that it’s auto-graded and auto-populates grades to your gradebook in any LMS! Students achieve points through word count and participating with common social media behavior, like posting an original thread, receiving or making a comment on someone’s post, or receiving a reaction from another person using emojis.

Here’s a quick video to learn more:

We use Yellowdig a lot at ASU Online. Students love it, faculty love it, and we instructional designers love it. Why? Its auto-grade functionality, rich media integration options, and a familiar interface for students. Who wouldn’t love a system that makes quick work of grading and deep work in community building? 

The benefit to Yellowdig over the typical discussion board is four-fold:

    1. It can be accessed within the LMS and outside the LMS, on their website or mobile app.
    2. It can be made available to students even after the class closes, making it a great tool over the life of a program. If a user posted something last year, she can see that info and continue interacting with prior classmates in the future!
    3. You have access to useful analytics in the class dashboard.
    4. It auto grades and you can manually adjust the grade in the LMS!

Is Yellowdig right for you?

If you haven’t used Yellowdig but are interested in seeing if it is a good fit for your classroom, speak to your instructional designer at ASU Online; we license Yellowdig for our ASU Online programs.

Are you a faculty member at Arizona State University interested in using Yellowdig in your non-ASU Online course? Review this UTO Yellowdig knowledge base article for more information. The service is now listed in the UTO Service Catalog; click on the Service tab in MyASU and select Service Catalog in the IT Services box.

If you do not work at ASU and are interested in the product, you can reach a Yellowdig sales associate on their website. And if you hurry, you may be able to join one of their upcoming webinars!

Want to share Yellowdig with your friends? DeAnna Soth, Manager of Instructional Design at ASU Online, created this excellent PDF explaining the benefits and some additional details on using YellowDig.

Yellowdig Handout 11-28-17

Yellowdig Software Request

PDF created by DeAnna Soth, Manager of Instructional Design at ASU Online.

Thank you to contributing writer Kena Ray, Instructional Designer at ASU Online.