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In this episode, the instructional designers from Arizona State University’s Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation (Steven Crawford and Celia Coochwytewa) are joined by Tracy Mullen Cosker from the University of New Hampshire to discuss their experiences at the Online Learning Consortium’s 2017 Innovate Conference and how it relates to instructional designers working with faculty. We discuss different models that various institutions use in developing courses and how they prepare faculty for various teaching modalities. The conversation also includes trends that we are seeing at the conference at what it means for the future of education as well as how we can create a culture of academic innovation.

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Guest profile:

Tracy Mullen Cosker is currently Associate Director with the University of New Hampshire Online where she is responsible for strategic planning, enrollment operations and online program development.   With over 16 years’ experience in online education, she is passionate about the student experience and the roles technology, pedagogy and operational leadership play in achieving student success.

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