Over 100 third-party tools and services are used by faculty and students in ASU Online courses. With the 50+ companies indicated here in bold, ASU Online has established a connection with a vendor representative. These relationships provide ASU Online with opportunities to create true partnerships.

Collaborative partnerships are formed in order to explore ways to use the technology to improve online teaching and learning experiences. In some cases ASU Online Instructional Design and Technologists are actively working with our partners to guide product development.

List of third-party tools used in ASU Online courses
Third-party tools used in ASU Online courses. Graphic by Robert Kilman.
BibMe The fully automatic bibliography maker that auto-fills to build a works cited page (APA or MLA format).
Blubbr Tv Gamification and socialization of course content via quiz in video that score the answer with points. Scores can be shared via Twitter and Facebook.
Camtasia Studio Full featured screen recording and video editing.
Crocodoc Markup and share online documents.
Digication Manage student writing portfolios
Final Draft Screenwriting software with templates for screenplays, teleplays and stage plays
Grademark Markup and evaluate proficiency for writing assignments.
HapYak Interactive video authoring and publishing.
Jslint.com Code quality review for detecting problems in JavaScript programs.
Mindomo Mind map creation tool
Pearson Writer Mobile application for writing and research support.
Plotagon Offers the ability to make a movie by writing a story. Students write a script and the software generates a movie.
Quizlet Create free, embeddable flash cards and simple games (matching, scattergrams, etc.)
Respondus Exam creation tool designed to be compatible with Blackboard, Ecollege and WebCT.
Voicethread Create interactive online discussions and lectures using video, audio, text, slides and documents.
WebAssign Online content and text support.
YouSeeU Asynchronous video presentation and discussion platform.
Adobe Connect Host synchronous online meetings, demonstrations and lectures.
Appearin Video conferencing software that allows screensharing.
Bb Collaborate Host synchronous online meetings, demonstrations and lectures.
Camtasia Relay Capture and deliver desktop screen and video capture content.
Catme.org Free online tools to 1) organize students into teams for collaborative work based on identified demographic information and 2) provide a mechanism for students to provide peer feedback on individuals’ contributions to the group.
Google+ Communities Create groups for specific course and enable students to engage with one another and the instructor.
Google+ Hangouts Video conferencing tool that allows users to include Google apps, photos, emoji, and even group video calls for free. Connect with instructor and students across computers, Android and Apple devices.
OpenStudy Manage web-based social environments for course-related questions and study groups.
PeerMark Facilitate peer review so students can evaluate each other’s work.
Skype Voice-over-IP service and instant messaging client for calls, conferences and messages.
StudyBlue Allows students to learn from otder students by making their own, or borrowing others’ study materials. Flashcards, quizzes, and progress tracking.
StudyRoom Course-based study tool facilitating sharing, studying and collaborating with classmates.
TweetChat Chat using a Twitter-based format.
Vidyo Desktop video conferencing and screen share collaboration.
Wikispaces Shared web-based writing and communication spaces.
3Play Interactive Video Player Video plugin that includes synchronized transcripts and search features.
Adobe Captivate Interactive eLearning content creation.
Adobe Creative Cloud Host synchronous online meetings, demonstrations and lectures.
Adobe Presenter Create Flash-based PowerPoint presentation and eLearning content for web delivery.
Animoto Create and share videos. the online video maker turns photos, video clips and music into video.
Apple iAutdor Author Apple iBooks.
ApprenNet Video-based tool where students watch a real-world scenario, respond via video, review their peers, read expert feedback then view an expert response.
Aptana Web application development platform.
Articulate Storyline Used in CE projects to make interactive exercises and build out entire courses that are placed in the LMS (Blackboard)
Audacity Free audio editing software.
AudioPal Record and deliver web-based audio content.
Blogger Blogging platform for instructor and student writing.
Camtasia Fuse Create web video clips on the iPad.
Canvas.net Learning Management System hosted on the Canvas Network continuing education platform.
Dropbox Cloud-based file storage and sharing.
Drupal Open source web content management system; facilitates public engagement with learning community
Equella Store course resources in digital repositories.
FastFig Calculator + word processor for math/engineering.
Google Drive Cloud-based file storage and sharing.
Google Sites Create websites and secure course wikis.
Haiku Deck Web-based slideshow authoring tool.
Infogr.am Create interactive infographics.
Instagram ASU Instagram feed integrated into course weekly modules for purpose of engaging students in University activities.
Jing Tool used to create 5 minute audio & visual screencast videos/recordings
Kaltura Record and deliver web-based audio content.
Kno Distribute and create interactive eTextbooks for mobile and web access.
Late Nite Labs Interactive digital lab component used to simulate Chemistry lab experiences.
Learni.st Web content curation tool for creating and sharing lessons.
Logisim Educational tool for designing and simulating digital logic circuits.
Lynda.com Online tutorials for technologies (Photoshop, Dreamweaver)
Mastering Chemistry Interactive chemistry tutorials and assignments with a grade feature that integrates into LearningStudio
Mastering Physics Interactive physics tutorials and assignments with a grade feature that integrates into LearningStudio
McGraw-Hill Connect Digital online environment to support McGraw-Hill texts, provides practice problems, online tests & quizzes, as well as interactive and multi-media resources.
MentorMob Organize video, articles, or websites into embeddable play-lists.
MightyBell An alternate platform for discussion, collaboration, and social sharing.
MixBit Web-based video creation and sharing tool.
Mural.ly Online white-board tool for organizing and sharing ideas.
MyEconLab LearningStudio integrated online lab content from Pearson publishing.
MyITLab LearningStudio integrated online lab content from Pearson publishing.
MyStatLab LearningStudio integrated online lab content from Pearson publishing.
Padlet Create and share online bulletin boards.
Paper.li Create and deliver online newspapers.
Piktochart Create infograms used in courses
Podsnack Custom HTML 5 audio players.
Postach.io Evernote powered blogging platform.
PowToon Animated movie software. Used to create engaging presentations.
Present.me Online presentation tool.
Prezi Create web-based presentations with a zoomable canvas.
Quicktime Web video player and editing software.
Readlists Create and share web pages—articles, recipes, course materials —bundled into an e-book.
Scoop.it Create online magazines with curated web content.
Screencast-o-matic Record web-delivered screencasts.
Screenflow Record and edit screencasts.
Screenr Record web-delivered screencasts.
SoundCloud Record and share web-based audio content.
Sparkol VideoScribe Animation creation tool used to create short topic/course overview videos.
Swank Motion Pictures License broker for full length movies and television shows.
Vimeo Host web video content for online and blended courses.
Visual.ly Create, share and view online visual content (graphics, videos, interactive activities, presentations).
Wistia Video hosting, serving, and management platform.
WordPress Web-based software for creating websites and blogs.
YouTube Distribute original video content.
YouTube Capture Mobile app for creating and sharing videos.
Zaption Interactive video authoring and publishing.
About.me Social media course: social identity/reputation
Box.com Share files online. Convert and embed files in online courses.
Celtx Create scripts, storyboards, breakdowns, schedules, budgets, and cast & crew reports for video productions.
Citable Citable is a web clipper that simplifies collecting quotes, notes and otder data points along with the additional reference information needed to make a web citation.
CritViz Online framework for supporting real-time critique, conversation, and peer ranking of creative work in the classroom.
Facebook Social utility that is used to connect instructor/students via private groups for learning community and engagement in classroom discussions and send/receive course notifications.
FourSquare Geolocation app for mobile devices.
Google Calendar Provide a course calendar with assignment due dates. Students can subscribe to each calendar to receive alerts and have access on their mobile phones.
Google Glass Wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display.
Kwiksurveys Allows the creation of free, custom surveys or real-time polls with analytics , ability to restrict multiple responses, and no limit to the number of participants.
Piazza Facilitate problem solving sessions and general course discussions.
Pinterest Used in Social Media course. Discussion about how organizations use Pinterest.
Pixxa Perspective iPad app for creating and sharing audiovisual stories.
Poll Everywhere Real-time poll software. Live instant audience feedback. Free account allows 40 responses.
PollDaddy Real-time poll software that embeds in Blackboard, offers analytics, and the ability to include pictures or sound files with the poll.
Remind101 Twitter for the K-12 group.
Skitch Capture, edit and markup screen captures and images with shapes and comments.
SurveyMonkey Online surveys.
tdinglink Image tagging and linking tool for creating interactive image channels.
Twitter Integrated into course for purpose of student and instructor Q & A. ASU Online Twitter feed integrated into weekly course modules for the purpose of connecting students to ASU.
VideoNot.es Tool for synchronizing text notes with video.
YouTube My WebCam Browser based web cam recording for timely video messages.
Personalized Learning
Cerego Adaptive learning courses covering topics such as art history, statistics, the periodic table, and computer shortcuts. the courses are like interactive flashcards, and users can add their own content.
Chegg Study 24/7 study help including guided solutions of problems in the associated course textbook.
Knewton Include online, self-paced adaptive learning content.
Identity Verification
Acxiom Add another layer of identity verification with online exams based on challenge questions.
Bio-Sig ID Digital signature identity verification for online exams.
KeyTrac Identification verification by typing.
ProctorU Live remote proctoring for online exams.
Respondus ExamGuard Lockdown web browser that prevents web surfing during exams.
Software Secure Video review proctoring for online exams.
Turnitin Check the originality of course writing assignments.
vProctor Live remote proctoring for online exams.