Instruction By Design: Evaluating Assignments with Rubrics

Instruction by Design Podcast

In this summer bonus episode, the instructional designers from CONHI’s Academic Innovation (Steven Crawford, Jinnette Senecal, Celia Coochwytewa, and Aaron Kraft) discuss the importance of rubrics and how they may enhance the assessment and evaluation process for faculty. We then explore the relationship between rubrics and grading transparency, along with some ideas for designing effective rubrics. Continue reading

Assessments with Rubrics

Assessing students’ work is a common activity in the life of any instructor, and depending on the number of students and type of assignment, can be a long and tedious process. Even after sharing grades and posting feedback, students are often interested in how the instructor arrived at a certain point value or score. Consequently, instructors often spend additional time answering students’ questions to “justify” their assessments.

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Using GradeMark with Rubrics

Arizona State University Nursing instructor Patricia Harris discusses her use of rubrics and the GradeMark* functionality within Turnitin.  Nursing faculty are finding that their use of these two tools:

  • encourage transparent scoring guidelines;
  • promote consistent scoring among faculty;
  • emphasize writing;
  • provide evidence of student critical thinking growth; and
  • support a foundation for continuous improvement in grading.

GradeMark saves instructors time and provides richer feedback to students by enabling editorial highlights, custom comments, and QuickMark editing marks directly on student papers.