A syllabus quiz acts as a contract to verify understanding of important elements of the syllabus. The purpose of a syllabus quiz is not only to familiarize students with the syllabus content, but also gives students a chance to reflect on questions that were asked in previous terms. This helps the instructor avoid answering the same questions repeatedly, and a syllabus quiz can ensure that students are responsible for their own learning.

A syllabus quiz helps to clarify any misconceptions about course content or policies, such as late work. Important procedures can be reviewed and technical issues can be covered. The course structure and where to locate due dates can be included, as well as the instructor’s preferred method of communication. Providing immediate feedback after completing the syllabus quiz will minimize confusion.

The syllabus quiz is unique to each instructor’s preferences and course, but here are some popular questions that may help get you started:

Sample Syllabus Quiz Questions

  1. What are the preferred methods of communicating with the instructor?
  2. Why is logging in regularly and reading announcements helpful to succeeding online?
  3. Where are the assignment due dates located?
  4. Is late work accepted?
  5. What is the policy for making up an exam?
  6. Where is technical support information located?
  7. What does substantive mean in regards to discussion posts?
  8. How are the learning materials, such as readings, videos and lectures helpful?
  9. What happens if a student plagiarizes material?
  10. Are there extra credit opportunities?

What helpful syllabus quiz questions do you recommend?

Cowritten with DeAnna Soth