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Using an adaptive/active model to promote student success

Session Overview

This video was part of the July 2020 REMOTE: The Connected Faculty Summit

This session will discuss the benefits of using an adaptive/active model as a mutualistic approach to promote student engagement and success in large biology courses. This model offers an affordable eTextbook supported on an adaptive platform combined with low-cost big impact activities in the classroom. The use of this model at ASU has been continuously successful since 2015 with 90 % of the students getting a C or above compared to lecture alone at 74%. The use of creative solutions on how to adapt this model to large online classes delivered synchronous or asynchronous will also be explored.


Susan Holechek

Instructor, Arizona State University
Dr. Holechek obtained her B.Sc in Biology in her native Peru. Upon working for five years at the Molecular Biology Division of the Peruvian NIH studying dengue virus, she moved to United States. She obtained her Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Biology at Arizona State University and started working as an Instructor for the School of Life Sciences since 2015. She has recently been honored with the Outstanding Instructor Award for The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.