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The Pandemic and Academic Integrity: Student Affairs Professionals as a Support to Academic Interventions in Response to Plagiarism

Session Overview

This video was part of the July 2021 REMOTE: The Connected Faculty Summit

The Pandemic’s unprecedented impact on the academy is undeniable. Instructional methods have changed. Student support services have changed. Case study data and national trends are suggesting student academic behaviors are changing as well. A number of researchers are beginning to note a rise in plagiarism and are tying it to reading habits (Salik, Safitri, Satyaputri, & Ningsih, 2020), shifts in attitudes around it (Farooq, & Sultana, 2021; Memon, A. R., & Mavrinac, 2020) and are attempting to investigate the predictors of plagiarism (Nabee, Mageto, & Pisa, 2021). This presentation will provide a contemporary overview of the academic integrity issue, how a public HBCU has identified its own issue with it since the Pandemic, and the role of Student Affairs in supporting Academic Interventions for faculty.


Dr. Mitch Mitchell

Assistant Dean of Students | Winston-Salem State University

Dr. Mitch Mitchell is the Assistant Dean of Students at Winston Salem State University (WSSU) and has formerly served as an Academic Counselor responsible for the Writing Center/Writing Mentor Programs and for academic intervention support of students, Director of Advising and Career Services, and Director of Community Life. He was also an Assistant Professor of Communications. As the Assistant Dean of Students of WSSU, he supports the academic, emotional, social, cultural, and retention needs of his students to support their success and development. His research is in the area of student sense of belonging and retention interventions.