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TED Masterclass – A Workshop for Improving Online Presentations

Session Overview

This video was part of the July 2021 REMOTE: The Connected Faculty Summit

TED Masterclass — TED’s official public speaking course — is designed to help faculty and educators develop and share their best ideas with each other and the world in the form of TED-style talks. In this 30-minute, hands-on workshop you’ll learn how to more effectively identify, develop and share your ideas.


Logan Smalley

Founding Director, TED-Ed |TED Conferences

Logan Smalley is the founding director of TED’s youth and education initiative, TED-Ed —an award-winning website, content format and program offering that serves millions of teachers and students every day. Prior to working for TED, Logan was selected as a TED Fellow for his roles as director, editor and composer of the nonprofit, feature-length film, Darius Goes West (28 film festival awards, 2007). Logan is also the founder of — a creative, participatory literary initiative that was an honoree for the National Book Foundation’s Innovations In Reading Prize in 2015. Logan began his career as a high school special education teacher in his hometown of Athens, GA, and he currently lives and works in New York City.