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Online & Blended Design for Instruction to Psychology

Session Overview

This video was part of the July 2020 REMOTE: The Connected Faculty Summit

Adopting, adapting, and implementing interactive courseware can be overwhelming for faculty. The process can be facilitated by collaborating with Instructional and IT colleagues. Given the number of vendors and myriad of options, it is important to identify instructional needs based on the course learning objectives, number and characteristics of students, the overall learning environment from classroom tables and chairs to online tools and resources, and faculty priorities and experience. Furthermore, faculty members and/or selection committees must be prepared to ask vendors pertinent questions to nail down understandings and agreements about options, features, functions, and roles and responsibilities. In this presentation we will identify what to consider when reviewing online course materials/ vendors and provide an overview of the process of initial course redesign, implementation, and modification of courses over time. The focus will be an Introductory Psychology Course but will also reference other disciplines in our “active and adaptive program.”


Don Carter

Dir. Academic & Research Technology Services and Adaptive Program Manager, Northern Arizona University
Don Carter has directed Academic & Research Technology, Adaptive Courseware Program and the e-Learning Center at Northern Arizona University (NAU) since 2003. Prior to coming to NAU, he served as director of the Teaching, Learning, and Technology Center at Seton Hall University, where he was instrumental in their university-wide laptop program, curriculum redesign initiatives, and faculty fellows program. At Randolph College in Virginia, Don was founding director of both the Office of Academic Computing and the Ethyl Math and Science Resource Center. Don previously taught mathematics, computer science, energy efficient building design and architectural graphics at NAU, Randolph College, and Yavapai College. A favorite past-time is whitewater river trips!

Emily Thomas

Lecturer, Northern Arizona University
Emily Thomas is a Lecturer and the Introductory Psychology Coordinator in the Department of Psychological Sciences at Northern Arizona University. Her pedagogical and research interests include best practices for teaching large enrollment courses, socializing first year students for academic (and future) success, and implementing technological solutions for increasing student engagement and learning. Emily has conducted, presented, and published research on pedagogy in large enrollment courses as well as other psychological topics (e.g., self-regulation and intellectual humility).