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Managing First-Year Writing with an Adaptive Component

Session Overview

This video was part of the July 2020 REMOTE: The Connected Faculty Summit

In 2017, our team at the University of Mississippi, in collaboration with Lumen Learning, developed and implemented customized, low-cost, modular adaptive courseware in our first-year writing curriculum. The courseware addresses student preparation gaps in foundational content knowledge and rhetorical skills, areas often under-assessed in writing classes. To avoid the limitations of generalized, pre-packaged course material restricted by traditional copyright, we built and adapted open content to our own institutional context in order to deploy courseware that is relevant, engaging, and deeply connected to the needs and experience of our faculty and students. This presentation provides an overview of the courseware, an explanation of how the modules have been implemented in our FYC classes, and a discussion of how the materials have been enhanced through assessment data and faculty-led continuous improvement workshops.


Guy Krueger

Core Lecturer/ Writing 101 Curriculum Chair, University of Mississippi Guy Krueger is a Core Lecturer and the Writing 101 Curriculum Chair in the Department of Writing and Rhetoric. His research focuses on basic writing theory and praxis at institutions across America. Additionally, he is interested in assessment of and placement in first-year composition (FYC) courses. Krueger has been at the University of Mississippi since 2010. 

Karen Forgette

Assistant Chair, Core Lecturer, Department of Writing and Rhetoric, University of Mississippi Karen Forgette has been teaching writing at the University of Mississippi since 2005. Her research centers on first-year writing and pedagogy.

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