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Expert Q&A’s: Evidence-Based Learning: What is it and Why is it so Important Online?

Session Overview

This video was part of the July 2020 REMOTE: The Connected Faculty Summit

Learning is a lifelong process and we are concerned with the evidence for what makes “good and timeless learning,” especially at a time when most teachers are being asked to teach online for the first time.

Evidence-based learning extends well beyond short term exposure to teaching. It also means that this approach is based on “evidence that learning has occurred.”
Why is this topic so important right now? Because it adds value to the teaching and learning process with strategies that impact student engagement, meaning-making, and long term content retention in the online classroom.


Kelvin Bentley

Vice President of Learning Strategy, Six Red Marbles

Kelvin Bentley has over 19 years of experience in the field of online education as a faculty member, administrator, and consultant. Kelvin has led online learning initiatives for 2- and 4-year institutions. Kelvin has written recent articles on digital learning for publications that include [Educause Review]( and [Inside Higher Education]( and he has received honors including being selected as a [digital learning fellow ]( the Association of Chief Academic Officers (ACAO) in 2017, [Blackboard’s 2017 Catalyst Award for Inclusive Education](, and as a Fulbright Specialist in 2010.

Nina Araujo

Learning Experience Designer and Consultant, Northeastern University

Nina Araújo is a Learning Experience Designer at Northeastern University and a consultant. She holds a Master of Science degree in Human Development and a bachelor’s degree in Education and School Administration. In addition, she academically pursued video production and graphics design at Harvard University. Nina has served as a classroom teacher, conference presenter, staff developer, associate director, author, and educational consultant.

Recently, she designed three at-scale courses that are being offered in India. This helped the D’Amore McKim School of Business win a prestigious award in the field of entrepreneurship education. She also developed an innovative design model for teaching with Vertex Pharmaceuticals in Boston.

Nina speaks four languages, has authored a book and created a support website that is currently being used by educational programs around the world to help education programs use evidence-based content in their teacher preparation programs ().