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Expert Q&A’s: Engaging Students

Session Overview

This video was part of the July 2020 REMOTE: The Connected Faculty Summit

We all know the benefits of engaging students in learning. But how can we engage them in digital learning environments? Whether it’s engaging students with class content, engaging them with each other, or engaging them with you, the instructor, in this session we’ll talk about best practices, asynchronous engagement, and Zooming creatively. Engaging Students is a 30-minute open session during which listeners ask experienced educators how to engage students in digital learning environments.


Kelvin Bentley

Vice President of Learning Strategy, Six Red Marbles

Kelvin Bentley has over 19 years of experience in the field of online education as a faculty member, administrator, and consultant. Kelvin has led online learning initiatives for 2- and 4-year institutions. Kelvin has written recent articles on digital learning for publications that include [Educause Review]( and [Inside Higher Education]( and he has received honors including being selected as a [digital learning fellow ]( the Association of Chief Academic Officers (ACAO) in 2017, [Blackboard’s 2017 Catalyst Award for Inclusive Education (, and as a Fulbright Specialist in 2010.

Patricia O’Sullivan

Project Coordinator, Academic Innovation, University of Mississippi
Patricia O’Sullivan is a Project Coordinator in Academic Innovation and Instructor of Health Ethics at the University of Mississippi. An educator of 25+ years, she has presented and published across several disciplines including four novels of historical fiction and two new adult titles set at the university.