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Driving Active Learning through Powerful Analytics

Session Overview

This video was part of the July 2021 REMOTE: The Connected Faculty Summit

Collaboration and the exchange of ideas is how new knowledge is created, based on the Socratic method. Yet how do we encourage our students to collaborate, engage, and improve – especially through such turbulent times? This session will focus on using a next-generation discussion board, powered by AI, to generate in-depth discussions between students, empower them with descriptive and prescriptive analytics, and assist the instructors with meaningful automated student assessment. We will touch upon different use-cases and lessons learnt from shifting between face-to-face, remote and hybrid teaching.                                         


Dr. Anat Itay-Sarig

Adjunct Professor, Head of Academic Partnerships |

Dr. Anat Itay-Sarig has always introduced cutting-edge materials and technologies into her classes, as an Adjunct Professor at Government and Business Schools and a popular guest lecturer at leading academic institutions. She has been teaching strategies for Well-being and Progress, as well as leading processes to develop indicators across governments, international organizations, and companies worldwide. Dr. Itay-Sarig joined as the Head of Academic Partnerships & User Well-being after recognizing its impact on active learning. Dr. Itay-Sarig is working with universities around the world, improving the quality of the learning process through a next-generation discussion board across face-to-face, remote and hybrid learning. She advises leading instructors and oversees the creation of best practices for better discussions, assessment, and empowerment through analytics