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Differentiated Instruction for Equity in Higher Education

Session Overview

This video was part of the July 2021 REMOTE: The Connected Faculty Summit

Differentiated instruction is a viable asset-based approach that serves as an engine for learners who face systematic barriers in higher education. It is vital to ensure an equitable digital environment where each student receives relevant experiences that are aligned with their academic goals. This presentation provides an overview of strategies that engage students’ prior knowledge and supports their performance by differentiating the content, process, environment, and assessments using learning analytics provided by adaptive courseware.


Ruanda Garth-McCullough

Director of Program Development | Achieving the Dream

Dr. Garth-McCullough, the Director of Programs, leads the Every Learner Everywhere initiative at Achieving the Dream. Her expertise in CRT guides her equity-minded teaching and learning coaching.

Sarah Kinnison

Program Development Consultant | Achieving the Dream

Sarah Kinnison is a consultant for program development at Achieving the Dream, supporting the Every Learner Everywhere digital learning initiative to serve low-income, racially minoritized, and first-generation students in gateway courses by developing faculty development services for student success and equity-focused initiatives. Previously, Sarah served as researcher, writer and curriculum consultant for various educational organizations working to break down systemic barriers and expand the reach of educational excellence to all students. Her expertise in philosophy of education and pedagogy guides her work in developing and designing teaching and learning initiatives. Sarah views equity as a critical aspect of education that benefits learners of all backgrounds and society as a whole. Her work invites education professionals to bring greater awareness to students’ cultural identities as assets to leverage full learning capacity and self efficacy. Sarah earned her Masters in Education from University of Illinois, Chicago and her BA in Fundamentals/Philosophy of Education from The University of Chicago.