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Culture & Course Design: Building Diverse & Inclusive Learning Experiences

Session Overview

This video was part of the July 2021 REMOTE: The Connected Faculty Summit

Researchers agree that creating a classroom culture that values diversity has a positive impact on student learning outcomes and motivation. In addition, it arms students with skills such as empathy, social perceptiveness, and teamwork that helps them prepare for the 21st century workplace. In this session, you’ll learn specific strategies and practices for integrating diversity & inclusion in your online or hybrid classroom.


Lisa Shin

Professor| Tufts University

Lisa Shin earned her Ph.D. in psychology at Harvard University and has been on the faculty at Tufts University since 1998. She co-authors the Wade, Tavris, Sommers, and Shin books Invitation to Psychology (7/e) and Psychology (13/e).

Samuel R. Sommers

Professor | Tufts University

Sam Sommers earned his Ph.D. at the University of Michigan and is currently Chair of the Tufts Psychology Department. In addition to the Wade et al. intro textbooks, he is a co-author of Aronson et al.’s Social Psychology.