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Collaborative Card-Based Learning Objective Design

Session Overview

This video was part of the July 2021 REMOTE: The Connected Faculty Summit

The Learning Objective Design Deck is a practical tool to make the process of defining Learning Objectives and Assessment Strategies for any type of educational experience easier, more creative, collaborative or even playful. It is based on Bloom’s Taxonomy, can be used in both physical & virtual environments and is aimed at educators, instructional designers or anyone tasked with creating educational content, ranging from classes, workshops, seminars to courses in school or university.


Stefano Perna

Contract Professor | Apple Developer Academy at University of Naples Federico 

Stefano Perna is a designer and educator working at the intersections of technology, media and humanities. He’s a learning design researcher and a co-founder of

Moritz Philip Recke

Contract Professor| Apple Developer Academy at University of Naples Federico

Moritz Philip Recke is a media technology engineer and develops transformative tools for education. He does research in the field of learning design and is a co-founder of