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Birds of a Feather – Remote Ornithology Field Trips

Session Overview

This video was part of the July 2020 REMOTE: The Connected Faculty Summit

When the pandemic hit in March of 2020 our classes were moved to on online learning and teaching environment to reduce the spread of Covid19. Both students and professors had to figure out how to engage in meaningful ways online. The talk will focus on the experience moving a face-to-face upper division biology class with outdoor field trips to online platforms. We will discuss resources and communities that were helpful for the transition and the importance of being flexible.


Heather Bateman

Associate Professor, Arizona State University
Dr. Bateman has been faculty at Arizona State University for over 10 years and teaches in the area of organismal biology and ecology. She teaches courses on Applied Ornithology, Herpetology, and Vertebrate Adaptations. Her research area focuses on wildlife ecology and conservation with a particular interest on lizards, anurans, and birds in riparian habitats and urban ecosystems.