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Adaptive Courseware in Support of Student Success

Session Overview

This video was part of the July 2021 REMOTE: The Connected Faculty Summit

In this session, we will discuss how the use of Adaptive Courseware can be used to support other evidence-based teaching practices and improve student success outcomes.  Addressing disparities across demographics and socioeconomic backgrounds will also be discussed.


Ryan Luke

Program Director for Adaptive Learning, University of Louisville | Every Learner Everywhere

Dr. Ryan Luke has been teaching college mathematics for over 10 years.  He currently teaches statistics courses for doctoral students in the social sciences that prepare them for dissertation writing as well as College Algebra and Quantitative Reasoning courses using adaptive courseware.  Dr. Luke is also a leader in the field of adaptive courseware and educational technology where he has written about the use of personalized learning software and its benefits to students.  Whenever he gets the opportunity, Dr. Luke enjoys traveling with his wife and three boys.