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9 strategies for maximizing student engagement and learning achievement in online classes

Session Overview

This video was part of the July 2020 REMOTE: The Connected Faculty Summit

Across an almost dizzying array of options, each of us is searching for evidence-based approaches to online and hybrid course development.  Pearson’s Learning Design team has surveyed the literature to identify 9 research-backed strategies to boost your confidence and skill in creating online learning experiences.  Not only will these strategies enhance your preparation, but they will also ensure your students remain engaged and enable their achievement in your course.  Please join us in this session to explore these strategies, discover how to apply to them to your discipline, and learn about more opportunities for free coaching and guidance on adapting them to your classes.


Susan Barry

Manager of Instructional Design, Pearson
Susan has an MA in Literature from University College Dublin. Prior to working for Pearson, Susan was an instructor at Shawnee Community College teaching English Composition, Argumentation, and a variety of literature classes, as well as Introduction to Philosophy, and Ethics. She was also Division Chair of the Humanities and Social Sciences, and an early adopter teaching online. Susan worked with the other Division Chairs and faculty to develop a fully online Associates Degrees and trained faculty on creating and teaching online courses. She’s been with Pearson for 8 years, first as Lead Instructional Designer, designing courses for the University of Southern California, and then as a Manager of Instructional Design. Susan has managed course development for over 20 different programs across 15 different academic partnerships.

Amy Wood

Director, Learning Research & Design, Pearson

Amy Wood is a Director of Learning Research and Design at Pearson where she works to develop and apply learning design practices that result in outcomes-focused and evidence-based products. Amy works at the intersection of ed tech product design and the application of learning science because of its promise to change lives. She holds an MS in Instructional Design from Lehigh University.