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3 Questions to Ask Before Using a New Digital Resource

Session Overview

This video was part of the July 2020 REMOTE: The Connected Faculty Summit

The scramble to complete the spring semester is over, and now teachers across the country are beginning to reimagine what a “traditional” classroom will look like this fall. The challenge is to not only address the learning objectives of the course, but to develop an environment which engages students, many of whom are still novices in the online environment. Digital solutions are plentiful, but when and how should they be used? Through his work as an educator, author, and consultant, the presenter has worked with numerous faculty to develop an effective transition to the digital world. This talk will explore the three questions that instructors needs to ask before they decide to implement a digital resource in their classroom, and in the process, create an environment that reduces stress on both the faculty member and the student.


Michael Windelspecht

Chief Learning Officer, Inspire EdVentures
Michael Windelspecht is the past coordinator of the general biology program at Appalachian State, and the author of numerous textbooks, including the relevancy-based WhyBiology? Project. He is the owner of several educational companies and currently leads student groups to Belize to experience science on the coral reefs and rainforests.