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Course Stories, Season 5, Episode 1: The Perfect Storm

In this episode, we dive into virtual reality in the classroom as we explore how the faculty behind GPH 212 bring students into the eye of the storm – literally – or figuratively? You be the judge! Rachael Kaye, an instructor, Ph.D. student, and two time Emmy winner for meteorological broadcasting, teams up with Robert LiKamWa, Director of the Meteor Studio, to create a story driven VR experience grounded in learning objectives all with the goals of helping students explore different career paths related to meteorology and using real world data to inform their everyday lives. Join us on Course Stories today to hear more about how you can create your own unique VR experience from the experts!

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In this Episode:

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Robert LiKamWa

Robert LiKamWa is an associate professor at Arizona State University, appointed in the School of Arts, Media and Engineering (AME) and the School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering (ECEE).

LiKamWa directs Meteor Studio, which explores the research and design of software and hardware for mobile Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, and visual computing systems, and their ability to help people tell their stories. To this end, Meteor Studio’s research and design projects span three arcs: (i) advanced visual capture and processing systems, (ii) systems for hybrid virtual-physical immersion through augmentation of senses, and (iii) design frameworks for data-driven augmented reality and virtual reality storytelling and sensemaking.

Rachael Kaye

Rachael Kaye is a meteorologist and instructor at Arizona State University. In addition to teaching, she is also studying for a PhD in Media Arts & Sciences under Dr. Robert LiKamWa.

Rachael’s research interests are twofold. First, how can educational virtual reality experiences be made at scale using teams of content experts, instructional designers, and developers? Second, can these narrative products successfully engage students to meet learning objectives in a meaningful way? These research questions are currently being looked at through the lens of GPH 214: Introduction to Meteorology Lab at ASU Online.


Rachael worked in broadcasting for about a decade before making the move back to higher ed. This includes work at local TV stations in Illinois, Wisconsin and Washington, D.C., as well as radio work with The Weather Channel. She has two Emmy Awards for her special weather stories. She is also an experienced storm chaser.

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Christine Moore 

Christine Moore is an Instructional Designer with EdPlus supporting the Department of English, School of Communications, Film and Media Studies, and the School of Politics and Global Studies, including the MA in International Affairs and Leadership.

As a second generation Sun Devil and 20+ year Army spouse, Christine has lived all over the world, working in Instructional Design at Syracuse University, the United States Military Academy at West Point, and teaching in the Hawaii, Texas and New York public school systems. Christine is also the EdPlus representative for ASU’s Military Affairs Committee focusing on student support.

Your Hosts

Ricardo Leon smiling
Ricardo Leon is a Media Developer for EdPlus and is a co-creator and co-host of Course Stories. He has developed a number of other podcasts and various other forms of instructional media. In 2021, Ricardo was on a team that received The President’s Award, which formally recognizes successful solutions in innovation, for his work on the Study Hall project with Crash Course.
Mary is wearing glasses, smiling, has short brown hair
Mary Loder is an instructional designer at EdPlus and is the Online Learning Manager - Professional Development and Training on the Instructional Design and New Media team at EdPlus. She is also the co-creator and co-host for Course Stories, a podcast highlighting and showcasing the talents of our faculty and staff at ASU.

Your Producer

Elizabeth Blythe-Lee, a Senior Instructional Designer at ASU Online - EdPlus, is the creative force behind Course Stories. An ASU alumna with a BA in English Literature and a Masters of Education from NAU, Elizabeth has been a part of the ASU community since 2009. Her expertise in crafting accessible online courses is enhanced by her passion for storytelling and a unique flair for adding a touch of Disney magic to her work. A history and literature enthusiast, Elizabeth's background in writing shines through in every course narrative, making learning an enchanting journey.

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