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Course Stories, Season 4, Episode 2: The AI Whisperer: Faculty and Students on ChatGPT Dialogues

In the latest episode of Course Stories, we dive deep into the fascinating world of Generative AI in education. Hosts Mary Loder, Ricardo Leon, and Elizabeth Lee sit down with a panel of distinguished guests to explore the groundbreaking course, FIS 394: ChatGPT, led by Professor Andrew Maynard, a Senior Global Futures Scholar at the School for the Future of Innovation in Society Faculty.

Joining the conversation are Tamara Mitchell, a Senior Instructional Designer, and Mary Ann Naumann, an Undergraduate Instruction & Assessment Librarian. Together, they unravel the innovative methods employed in Professor Maynard’s course, shedding light on the intricacies of prompt engineering and its impact on student engagement.

What sets this episode apart is the invaluable perspective brought by Mary Ann Naumann, who not only experienced Professor Maynard’s course firsthand but also delved into Tamara Mitchell’s Generative AI course – available for faculty and Staff at ASU. Her dual role as student in both of these courses and librarian provides a unique lens through which she shares her insights on the future of AI in higher education from both the student can faculty perspective.

To add an exciting twist to the discussion, producer Elizabeth Lee shares her side project involving the application of ChatGPT in the realm of fantasy football. The episode offers a fascinating glimpse into the diverse applications of Generative AI, showcasing its potential beyond traditional educational settings.

Tune in to this enlightening episode to gain a deeper understanding of how Generative AI is revolutionizing the educational landscape, and uncover the myriad possibilities it holds for the future of learning.

In this Episode:

Andrew Maynard

Andrew Maynard is a scientist, author, Professor of Advanced Technology Transitions, and founder of Arizona State University’s Future of Being Human community. A self-described “undisciplinarian” (although he’s a physicist by training) his work stretches across emerging technologies from artificial intelligence to advanced gene editing and beyond as he explores transdisciplinary approaches to building a better future in a technologically complex world. As well as designing and teaching the first for-credit course on prompt engineering using ChatGPT at ASU, he is author of two popular books on technology, society, and the future, and writes regularly for the the Substack The Future of Being Human.

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Tamara Mitchell

Tamara Mitchell brings about a decade and a half of experience in designing online courses and has spent 7.5 years teaching online writing courses. With an MA in English Language and Literature and an MSEd in Information Technology and Instructional Design, she specializes in marrying technology with education. As a Senior Instructional Designer at EdPlus, Tamara collaborates with faculty to infuse generative AI meaningfully into courses and professional projects. She has co-developed resources like the Generative AI Risk Reduction Guide and a specialized course for ASU faculty, aimed at addressing the evolving educational landscape. Her instructional design portfolio spans higher education to the corporate sector, highlighting her versatility and expertise.

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Mary Ann Naumann

Mary Ann Naumann is an Instruction and Assessment Librarian in the E-Learning and Instruction Division at Arizona State University Library. Holding a Juris Doctor and Master of Library Science from UCLA, she has over 13 years experience providing information literacy instruction to high school and undergraduate students. Her instruction and assessment work focuses on developing critical thinking skills in emerging scholars.


As a librarian, her interest with generative AI, like ChatGPT, centers on helping students to develop the skills and knowledge to effectively use the technology as well as to understand its potentials and limitations. Moreover, she is exploring the ways in which generative AI might be of assistance throughout the research process.

Your Hosts

Ricardo Leon smiling
Ricardo Leon is a Media Developer for EdPlus and is a co-creator and co-host of Course Stories. He has developed a number of other podcasts and various other forms of instructional media. In 2021, Ricardo was on a team that received The President’s Award, which formally recognizes successful solutions in innovation, for his work on the Study Hall project with Crash Course.
Mary is wearing glasses, smiling, has short brown hair
Mary Loder is an instructional designer at EdPlus and is the Online Learning Manager - Professional Development and Training on the Instructional Design and New Media team at EdPlus. She is also the co-creator and co-host for Course Stories, a podcast highlighting and showcasing the talents of our faculty and staff at ASU.

Your Producer

Elizabeth Blythe-Lee, a Senior Instructional Designer at ASU Online - EdPlus, is the creative force behind Course Stories. An ASU alumna with a BA in English Literature and a Masters of Education from NAU, Elizabeth has been a part of the ASU community since 2009. Her expertise in crafting accessible online courses is enhanced by her passion for storytelling and a unique flair for adding a touch of Disney magic to her work. A history and literature enthusiast, Elizabeth's background in writing shines through in every course narrative, making learning an enchanting journey.

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