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Course Stories, Season 2, Episode #6: Using Human-Centered Design to Put Students First - HSC 355: Nutrition for Lifelong Health

In this episode of Course Stories, Christina Scribner, Nutrition Practitioner and College of Health Solutions Lecturer, and Tamara Mitchell, Instructional Designer, discuss how to put students first in courses by using Universal Design for Learning, Human-Centered Design, and personalized assignments.

As you can see, the interactive textbook in the course is streamlined to focus on nutrition throughout the lifespan! Listen to the conversation to learn more about this interactive textbook, student-focused assignments, and innovative course design experience.

View of a student navigating the interactive textbook menu and clicking on it to enter the first lesson.

In this Episode:

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Christina Scribner

Christina Scribner is an instructor in the College of Health Solutions and recognized as an international leader in nutrition therapy related to disordered eating and eating disorders. She served as the director of the Nutrition Program at Metropolitan State College in Denver and developed their Eating Disorders Minor curriculum. She is a past director of the Disordered Eating and Eating Disorder (DEED) subunit of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) Sports, Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutrition (SCAN) dietetic practice group, and a past Chair of the Nutrition Special Interest Group of the Academy of Eating Disorders. She owns a nutrition consulting practice, Encompass Nutrition LLC, in Littleton, Colorado, where she works with weight-related conditions, specializing in disordered eating and eating disorders. As mother to four grown sons and recently becoming a grandmother, she understands the demands of feeding a family, in addition to self care. Her motto is “optimizing everyday performance.”

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Tamara Mitchell

Tamara Mitchell has been working in higher education since 2011. With over 10 years experience designing and developing online courses and 7 1/2 years experience teaching online introductory writing courses, her focus is on improving the student experience in courses. She has an MA in English Language and Literature and an MSEd in Information Technology and Instructional Design. She currently works on the Instructional Design and New Media Team as an Instructional Designer with EdPlus online courses and projects.

Your Hosts

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Ricardo Leon is a Media Developer for EdPlus and is a co-creator and co-host of Course Stories. He has developed a number of other podcasts and various other forms of instructional media. In 2021, Ricardo was on a team that received The President’s Award, which formally recognizes successful solutions in innovation, for his work on the Study Hall project with Crash Course.
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Mary Loder is an instructional designer at EdPlus and is the Online Learning Manager - Professional Development and Training on the Instructional Design and New Media team at EdPlus. She is also the co-creator and co-host for Course Stories, a podcast highlighting and showcasing the talents of our faculty and staff at ASU.

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