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Course Stories, Season 2, Episode #4: Immersive Course Design: The Future is Now - GIS/PUP 451/551 Geodesign and Urban Planning

In this episode, we delve into the design and implementation of customized interactive learning activities. ASU Online’s interactive experience, “The Workshop,” brings to life a real-world urban planning workshop to hash out the details of major developments in the fictitious city of Orion.

Instructor Jonathan Davis discusses his and Professor Elizabeth Wentz’s need and vision for bringing a workshop to life for online students. Jonathan is joined by user experience experts from the EdPlus Immersive Experience Design Team to share why these types of assets are needed in online learning, how ASU is leading the way to develop immersive environments, and what students of the future will demand when it comes to interacting with their coursework.

In this Episode:

Jonathan is outside and smiling


Jonathan Davis MA, MAS, PhD is an instructor of Urban Planning within Arizona State University’s School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning. He has previously worked as a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Analyst, Program Manager , and Geodesign specialist with over 7 years professional experience with governmental, non-profit, and university entities such as the United States Department of State: Office of the Historian, United States Peace Corps, Arizona State University’s Decision Theater, Mapstory, and Inter Tribal Council of Arizona, Inc. He is recognized for his work in public health, food access, community-based planning approaches, Geodesign, ecosystem services, digital storytelling, and political GIS. 

Christine Moore

Instructional Designer

Christine Moore is an Instructional Designer with EdPlus and is the lead designer for ASU Online’s English, Film and Media Studies, and International Affairs and Leadership programs.  Her specialized projects include creative assessment applications, new program development, and immersive technologies. Christine also serves on ASU’s Military Affairs Council.

Kendall is smiling and wearing a gray shirt

Sr. Immersive Designer

Kendall Slaughter is a Sr. Immersive Experience Designer at EdPlus at ASU. Kendall holds a Bachelor’s of Environmental Design from Texas A&M University and a Master’s of Science (Graphic Information Technology) from Arizona State University, where she received the GIT Outstanding Graduate Student Award. Her professional design experience ranges from architecture, graphic design, web and UX design, motion graphics, 3D modeling, and XR (extended reality) design. In her role at EdPlus, Kendall is invested in supporting the student journey by creating accessible content that increases the social, cognitive, and emotional engagement of learners at scale. 

Auryan is wearing a blue button up shirt and gray jacket, he is also wearing glasses

Manager of the Immersive Experience Design team at EdPlus

Auryan Ratliff is the Immersive Experience Design Manager at EdPlus at ASU, leading a new team responsible for building out a new competency specific to AR/VR design, gamification and other innovative realms. With over a decade of experience in film production, motion graphics, UX design and research, Auryan and his team design solutions and enhance the ASU technology stack for a variety of user experience challenges refining how users engage with higher education.

Your Hosts

Ricardo Leon smiling
Ricardo Leon is a Media Developer for EdPlus and is a co-creator and co-host of Course Stories. He has developed a number of other podcasts and various other forms of instructional media. In 2021, Ricardo was on a team that received The President’s Award, which formally recognizes successful solutions in innovation, for his work on the Study Hall project with Crash Course.
Mary is wearing glasses, smiling, has short brown hair
Mary Loder is an instructional designer at EdPlus and is the Online Learning Manager - Professional Development and Training on the Instructional Design and New Media team at EdPlus. She is also the co-creator and co-host for Course Stories, a podcast highlighting and showcasing the talents of our faculty and staff at ASU.

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Try “The Workshop” on your own! 

School of Geographical Sciences & Urban Planning

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Check out the Immersive Design Team’s work in this YouTube video! 

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