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Course Stories, Episode #6: One Small Step: A Journey in Multicam Production

In this episode of Course Stories, we examine our final course for the semester, IPI 294: Designing and Making for an Interplanetary Future. We are joined again by Matthew Robinson, Manager of Online Learning and New Media, and the instructional designer, Dajana Radosavljevic, who helped, Eric Stribling, faculty and creator of IPI294, organize and create the course content alongside Ricardo Leon; using real-time editing and intentional planning and design.

 Humanity’s future as an interplanetary species will only be made possible through the continued development of new technologies able to provide solutions to difficult problems. This course seeks to facilitate students developing proficiency in both “making” and “designing”. While not an engineering course, this course seeks to support students in gaining basic technical “makerspace” abilities. But more important than the hard skills, students will grow in their capacity for technical design thinking – the process by which modern technologies are imagined and developed.

This course is offered through the Technological Leadership major and Technological Leadership minor, which are part of the Interplanetary Initiative.

In this Episode:

Eric is wearing a blue shirt and smiling

Faculty Bio

Eric Stribling is an instructional professional within ASU’s interplanetary initiative. He is the developer of IPI294 and has become well known in IDNM for his work in this course.

Eric is also a professor of mechanical engineering at l’Université des Montagnes in Cameroon.

Professional Photo of Dajana

Instructional Designer Bio

Dajana Radosavljevic is a Sr. Instructional Designer on the IDNM team at EdPlus, where she supports various online programs within The College (Family and Human Development, Global Security, Neuroscience, Political Psychology, Sociology, and Technological Leadership), Fulton Schools of Engineering (Electrical Engineering, Engineering Management, and Human Systems Engineering); and in the New College (Forensic Science).

Matthew Robinson in a colorful shirt with tigers and a colroful greenish yellow background to the image

Media Manager at EdPlus

Matthew Robinson has been at Arizona State University for 15 years. In that time he has held roles as Instructional Designer, Assistant Director of Online Curriculum and currently is the Manager of the New Media team at EdPlus.

Resources from this Episode

Additional Links for your enjoyment and exploration into a deeper understanding of this Course Story.

This course is hands-on and project-based. Students will learn tools and processes for solving global and interplanetary problems, with special consideration given to the ways that technologies impact society. Students in this course will gain basic proficiency in the mechanical, electrical, computer programming, and design aspects of technology development in makerspaces, through supervised research and design of creative projects that relate to aerospace engineering, space exploration, and/or an inclusive, interplanetary future. As a part of this course, students will gain basic knowledge of CAD modeling and 3D printing, circuits and soldering, Arduino programming, tinkering and debugging methods, creative problem-solving, team-based project management, the relationship between technology and society, and basic technological design methods.


Your Hosts,

Ricardo Leon, Media Specialist with EdPlus

Mary Loder, Instructional Designer with ASU Online at EdPlus

Course Stories is produced by EdPlus out of Arizona State University.

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