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Course Stories, Episode #5: An Examined Life In Teaching Philosophy

In this episode of Course Stories, we are exposed to the pedagogical and ethical considerations for online learning, and life in general, with Jeff Watson, an active instructor for ASU Online. Jeff has years of online course design experience and imparts some interesting considerations to ponder on your own journey. He discusses one of his courses, PHI335 – The History of Ethics, to frame this course story. ASU Online Instructional Designer, Christine Moore, joins Jeff in this exploration of life and learning.

DeAnna Soth, the Associate Director of the Instructional Design team at EdPlus and Jeff’s OG Instructional Designer, guides Mary and Ricardo in their shared passions in this course story. Join us as we dive into the History of Ethics and the experiences of teaching and designing online.

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In this Episode:

Jeff Watson


Jeffrey Watson is a lecturer with the School of Historical, Philosophical, and Religious Studies at Arizona State University. His primary research is on the Metaphysics of Mind. He teaches courses in Metaphysics, Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind, History of Modern Philosophy, History of Ethics, and Symbolic Logic.

Christine Moore

Instructional Designer 

Christine Moore is an Instructional Designer with EdPlus and is the lead designer for ASU Online’s English, Film and Media Studies, and International Affairs and Leadership programs.  Her specialized projects include creative assessment applications, new program development, and immersive technologies. Christine also serves on ASU’s Military Affairs Council.

DeAnna Soth

Associate Director of Instructional Design

DeAnna Soth is the Associate Director of the Instructional Design team at EdPlus. She is also Jeff’s original instructional designer!
She has worked in higher education curriculum and instructional design for over a decade. In addition to administrative duties, she still engages in design for ASU Online courses in Mass Communication, Philosophy, Religious Studies, History, and others. She has an educational background in liberal studies and education.

DeAnna has taught and co-designed ASU 101, a one-credit class about student success. She has additional teaching experience in corporate training at Wells Fargo and also teaches face-to-face basic makeup classes for women undergoing cancer treatment for Look Good Feel Better.

Resources from this Episode

Additional Links for your enjoyment and exploration into a deeper understanding of this Course Story.


Your Hosts,

Ricardo Leon, Media Specialist with EdPlus

Mary Loder, Instructional Designer with ASU Online at EdPlus

Course Stories is produced by EdPlus out of Arizona State University.

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