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Course Stories, Episode #4: Don’t Fret Design: A Student-Centered Approach to Online Learning

In this episode of Course Stories, we listen to Rowena Luce and Dr. Brendan Lake discuss the evolution of MUS 194: Beginning Class Guitar 1 for Non-Majors, an online class designed and taught by Dr. Lake. Brendan traces his efforts to build flexibility into an online course to facilitate a creative and personalized space where students are encouraged to take risks and celebrate their musical voice via guitar.

Music from this episode was played by Brendan Lake. And you can also hear Dr. Lake speak more about his iterative design process in the upcoming ASU Online Faculty Showcase, on April 13th, 2022. Register to attend the ASU Online Faculty Showcase. 

In this Episode:

Brendan is wearing a sports coat and is smiling.

Faculty Bio

Brendan Lake (he/him) is an instructor for ASU’s Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts and a Lead Learning Designer with ASU Learning Enterprise exploring innovation in online learning models for underrepresented groups. He also moonlights as a professional musician with past performances around the U.S., Canada, and Spain. He holds four degrees, including a doctorate in music and a masters in educational technology, all from ASU. 

Rowena is smiling with teeth showing.

Instructional Designer Bio

Rowena Luce (she/her) is an Instructional Designer Associate with EdPlus at ASU. She earned a Master of Science in Education at Simmons University in 2020 and served as an educator in Massachusetts until 2021. In her present role, Rowena utilizes skills from her academic and teaching experiences to assist instructional designers and faculty in the creation of online courses.

Resources from this Episode

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Your Hosts,

Ricardo Leon, Media Specialist with EdPlus

Mary Loder, Instructional Designer with ASU Online at EdPlus

Course Stories is produced by EdPlus out of Arizona State University.

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