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Course Stories, Episode #1: Adventures in Stats, A Gamified Online Course

This is the first episode of Course Stories! We plan to highlight many courses over next year. We hope you will join us and check back every two weeks for a new episode!

In this episode of Course Stories, we listen to Meredith Savvides and Mai Trinh discuss the unique elements of Mai’s statistics course, OGL575: Quantitative Data Analysis in Leadership Research, a FUN statistics course.

As you can see, the homepage of the course is quite unique and operates as a landing page and a choose your own adventure course navigation experience! Listen to the conversation to learn about the design decisions and student outcomes in this unique statistics course. 

Image of a gaming screen with levels that says "welcome, adventurer! Where do you want to go?"
Image of Mai Trinh

Faculty Bio

Mai P. Trinh, Assistant Professor of Organizational Leadership, is an expert in experiential learning and leader development. Her work uses principles of Kolb’s Experiential Learning Theory coupled with peer and executive coaching to help current and aspiring leaders foster a positive learning identity, embrace humility, appreciate diversity, value teamwork, and adapt effectively to uncertain and changing contexts. She has published in high-quality peer-reviewed journals such as The Leadership Quarterly, Academy of Management Learning and Education, Journal of Management Education, and Business Ethics: A European Review, and received multiple awards for both her research and teaching.

Instructional Designer Bio

Meredith Savvides (she/her) is an Instructional Designer with EdPlus at ASU Online, where she supports various online programs within The College (Women’s Studies, Justice Studies, African and African American Studies) and in the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts (Organizational Leadership, Counseling and Applied Psychological Science, Liberal Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies).

Resources from this Episode

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Your Hosts,

Ricardo Leon, Media Specialist with EdPlus

Mary Loder, Instructional Designer with ASU Online at EdPlus

Course Stories is produced by EdPlus out of Arizona State University.

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