Learning design is the intentional and deliberate planning of your learning experience to ensure that you create a course that is valuable to your learners, gets them the knowledge and skills they require, and is an engaging and enriching experience.

Video Introduction:

This video (5:41) will give you a brief introduction to learning design.

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Next Steps:

  • Review and make a copy of this Course Alignment Tool to use as you plan your course. Special thanks to ASU’s Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts for sharing this valuable resource.
  • Write your course and unit learning objectives and add them to your Course Alignment Tool from above. Use the Learning Objectives Builder to help with this.
  • Use a course design checklist like the one we’ve developed while designing and developing your online course experience. Note that there are ASU Online specific references and resources on this document, but the Course Development Checklist and the Best Practices for Teaching Online. 

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