Use the ASU Online Objectives Builder tool below to write measurable course outcomes and learning objectives.

About Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives are statements that describe the specific knowledge, skills, or abilities students will be able to demonstrate in the real world as a result of completing a lesson. Learning objectives should not be assignment-specific, however, an assignment should allow students to demonstrate they have achieved the lesson objective(s). All of the learning objectives should support the course outcomes.

Examples of Learning Objectives

  • Describe individual, behavioral, and social factors positively influencing health in the Blue Zones.
  • Calculate the median of a set of values using Excel.
  • Create a needs analysis using Gilbert’s Performance Matrix.
  • Revise a company operations manual to reduce energy consumption.
  • Diagram the main constructs of social cognitive theory.
  • Summarize the scope and source of food waste in the United States.

Objectives Builder Tool

Use the below objectives builder tool to begin designing objectives. If it’s your first time click “Start Project”. If this is a return visit, click “Resume” to pick up where you left off or “Restart” to start the tutorial over. Follow the on-screen instructions to build your learning objective(s)!