In this podcast, Jason Bronowitz, Christina Carrasquilla, and Chad Westover from the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering share their experiences and recommendations for online teaching. The trio discuss how to make Canvas work for you, as well as strategies of intrusion and inclusion with Mary Loder, Instructional Designer at EdPlus, and Renee Pilbeam, Assistant Director of Instructional Design at EdPlus.

Resource highlights

Thinking of implementing a strategy discussed on the podcast? Here are links to selected resources from the discussion.

Faculty profiles

Jason Bronowitz is a Lecturer in the Technological Entrepreneurship Management program.

Christina Carrasquilla is a Senior Lecturer for the Graphic Information Technology program.

Chad Westover is a Lecturer in the Graphic Information Technology program.

Special thanks to Ricardo Leon for lending guidance, support, and your audio zhuzhing.