Instructional Designers support faculty throughout the development of their online course. Their goal is to make online course development easier for faculty as well as to assist in making knowledge acquisition more efficient, effective, and appealing for students. Below are 15 ways ASU Online Instructional Designers can assist faculty.

1. Help faculty identify what they want students to do/know at the end of the course (course and unit level objectives)

2. Provide tutorials and tips on using the Learning Management System (LMS) to teach online

3. Provide a second pair of eyes to identify potential issues

4. Provide a sounding board for ways to improve courses

5. Provide a student perspective

6. Identify ways to encourage collaboration and build community

7. Consult on course structure and organization

8. Promote academic integrity by providing solutions through pedagogy, technology, and community building

9. Share examples of instructional strategies used in other courses and programs

10. Help define criteria for graded work

11. Help ensure course accessibility

12. Serve as a liaison for video and other media development

13. Identify technology to support learning objectives

14. Provide expertise on integrating innovative tools for learning

15. Help keep course development on track

We’ve also developed another document that further outlines the 7 Services Provided by Your ASU Online Instructional Designer.

Co-written by Vicki Harmon, Renee Pilbeam, DeAnna Soth, and Kody Stimpson.