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Image of keyboard with words Teach, Play, Learn.

Teach. Play. Learn.

Let’s talk games. Not Gaming. A little interactivity in your online course to break up the monotony of lecture, video, discussion board, paper, and quiz. Nothing too threatening, too disruptive, too time-consuming. But fun. And different. And doable.
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2014 Games for Change

Games 4 Change 2014 Highlights: Why Not use Games in Education?

Note:  This is a highly interactive article! Please click on all of the hyperlinks. They either take you to the game mentioned OR to an article about the game’s use in education.

The Games for Change (G4C) Festival in New York City has come a long way over the past few years. When I started attending the conference in 2010,the emphasis on using games to educate was at the periphery, not because attendees didn’t believe in the potential of games in the learning space, but because the money simply wasn’t there to create commercial quality learning games. There also wasn’t universal support for the idea that learning could be fun. (“They are having too much fun to be learning.”)

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Third-Party Tools Used in ASU Online Courses

Over 100 third-party tools and services are used by faculty and students in ASU Online courses. With the 50+ companies indicated here in bold, ASU Online has established a connection with a vendor representative. These relationships provide ASU Online with opportunities to create true partnerships.

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