Discover new tools to help you teach in an online environment.

Web Based Video Editing

Do you need a video editing application?

WeVideo is a great tool for video editing and publishing web video. Using video, images, audio beds and sounds effects you can create video projects using the web based application. WeVideo offers a “free” account that gives you 1GB of storage space for your media and then allows for 15 minutes of published video per month. They do offer reasonable pay plans as well.

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Icebreakers: Engage learners with simple activities that foster openness and creativity!

According to the wiki, Teaching With Technology, icebreakers are techniques or strategies used during the beginning of class or a unit to reduce tension and involve the students in a light and effective way. Icebreakers are important for online learners, because the face-to-face interaction is not readily available.

I’ve compiled a list of icebreaker ideas using! You can view them here.