The goal of the ASU WordPress User Group (ASUWUG) is to create a strong community of WordPress users and encourage discussion, debate and innovation. The group is a resource for both beginners and gurus, allowing all to get together to learn and bounce ideas off each other (while having a good time). Meetups are open to anyone interested in learning more about design, starting a blog, building your own site and learning about plugin tools to enhance your site. And yes, we speak about WordPress too. Our user group meetings include:

  • Presentations: Volunteers and/or invited guests give a short talk about a topic that would either be design or WordPress-related, in which they have experience with.
  • Case studies: Anyone can volunteer to talk about a WordPress website they have created, and share any lessons learned.
  • Q&A sessions: With all the above.
  • Roundtable / Group chat: A friendly exchange of knowledge (or heated debate) on any useful WordPress topic. SEO tips, plugins, general blogging and site management tips, etc.
  • Meet and greet: A chance to introduce yourself to other local WordPress users, get or give help and advice, and generally network with your peers.

Above all, this is a geographic WordPress User Group meant primarily for planning events in the Tempe area, supporting the local design community and the those in nearby regions.

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