ASU Faculty Showcases Innovative Teaching

Faculty, instructors, graduate students, and staff from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) recently met for the 3rd CLAS Demofest to showcase innovative teaching practices across diverse content areas. For this semester’s event, eight presenters from seven different departments and schools in CLAS shared and discussed their teaching, spanning a variety of course formats (face-to-face, blended, online) and different student enrollment (large lecture courses, small undergraduate and graduate seminars, etc.). Continue reading

How Are Professors Embracing Social Media?

Professors utilize social media in four critical ways: to connect, to notify, to teach, and to curate. At the University of Delaware, Professor Christine Cucciarre uses Twitter for a class assignment in which students are required to post seven to 10 times about class readings over a 48 hour period. She said because Twitter only allows its users to write 140 characters, it teaches students to compress their writing and forces them to think about word choice.

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Using Twitter in Your Online Course

The TV show ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ provides a humorous view on the use of Twitter in the surgery room, how the senior leader is skeptical about its use as a learning tool and how the professional learning network participates and in this case provides a solution for a life-threatening situation.

There are numerous ways you can use Twitter in your online course including keeping students in the loop, instant feedback, and classroom notepad. My personal favorite is bringing a historical figure to life by using the voice of the historical figure and encouraging the students to interact using the same language and style.

The following articles will provide you with some ideas on how to use Twitter in your online courses: