Instruction By Design: Your Course Evaluations and You

Instruction by Design Podcast

In this episode, Valerie Simmons, a Management Information Analyst from Arizona State University’s College of Nursing and Health Innovation joins the instructional designers from Academic Innovation (Celia Coochwytewa, Jinnette Senecal, Aaron Kraft, and Steven Crawford) to describe the purpose of end-of-course evaluations. We also identify what faculty can do to improve student response rates and discuss how faculty can use the end-of-course evaluations to improve their courses. Continue reading

It’s the Middle of the Semester… So, What Do My Students Really Think?

“Wait, are we already that far into the semester? There is so much left to do in so little time!

If this is a constant thought on your mind, or an all-familiar expression in recent conversations with other faculty and instructors, we might be nearing an crucial waypoint in the semester (e.g., midterm, holidays). Although it is tempting to be overwhelmed by the approaching deadlines and all the content that needs to be covered, this time also offers an opportunity to address other important elements of teaching and to check in with your students (Chickering & Gamson, 1987).

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