Questions to Consider As You Prepare to Teach Your First Hybrid Course

A hybrid course is much more than just an online course with a face-to-face class session thrown in for good measure. It involves asking, “What is the best way for students to interact with course content, construct knowledge, engage in critical thinking and problem solving?” Purposeful decisions are made by the instructor as to what activities are best included in face-to-face class sessions, and which activities would work well in a virtual environment. The term hybrid, or blended course, signifies a new way of thinking about how to harness the power of technology to promote learning and identify the best strategies to help students master important course concepts. However, it is about more than just teaching an existing course in a new format.

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Video Responses in Online Classes

Dr. Nancy Jurik discusses how she uses video responses in her online classes to keep students motivated. Every Friday morning, Dr. Jurik creates a webcam video to supplement her readings, narrated PowerPoint lectures, videos, websites, etc. Her goals are to bring herself to life for her students and grab their attention to keep them engaged in the course content. She looks at the Discussion Boards to determine what concepts resonate with the students and what topics need additional commentary and then crafts her weekly video responses. She then uploads the videos, grabs the embed code and pastes it into her course for the students to view.